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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's get delayed..

What the hell is BeLate.be ?

Nobody likes to be waiting for a train and see that it is delayed and delayed again...we do not have the ambition to make all trains being on time but maybe to ease the pain a little.
We are trying to offer you a quick and easy way to get compensated for the frequent delays that are occuring on the Belgian Railway.
You don't like seeing this :

How many times have your said yourself that you could make a fortune if you would get reimbursed for all those delays (even small). Well honestly you won't get rich! But you will gain some money to spend on other train tickets or any product sold by the Belgian Railway.
You can find all the explanations on how compenstions work on the belgian railway website. But for sure they don't want to make it easy for you, this part, making things easy, well you will find it on the website:

On this blog you will find instructions on how to use the site, guidelines, advices and lot's of other interesting stuff.

Enjoy and get a smile on your face next time your train is delayed...you get paid!

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