Percentage of trains on time for today (updated every 15 minutes based upon all trains of the day):

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Problems to Register on Belate.be ? FAQ?

Nouvelle page d'aide en français pour l'inscription sur Belate.be:

Cliquer ici

Nieuwe help pagina in het Nederlands om u te inschrijven op Belate.be:

Klik  hier

New page in English in order to help you register on Belate.be:

Click here

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Real January Stats

No compensation whatsoever for trains that are supposed to carry more passengers...(how would they do that anyway ? Seriously...)

Number of trains : 99411
Number of trains with at least 15 minutes delay: 6015
Pct of trains with delay (delays measured as from 5min+) : 30.5%
Pct of trains with no delay 69.5%

Pct of trains with delay (6min+ "Official definition") : 24.4% -> hence 75.6% "on time"

Average delay when train is delayed: 11.4 minutes

Number of trains with more than 60 minutes delay: 249

Hence these are what we measured.
Make your own mind..

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Belate presentatie in het Nederlands

Belate is een gratis website die u helpt om compensatie te verkrijgen voor de treinen die frequente vertragingen aantonen, u kan ook statistieken verkrijgen omtrent uw reis en bv. de aantal treinen die te laat aankomen aan uw station of het gemiddelde vertraging van de treinen, enz..

Hierbij een kleine presentatie van de website:

Presentation de Belate en Français

Belate est un site entièrement gratuit vous permettant de recevoir des compensations pour les retards des trains en Belgique mais aussi d'avoir plus d'informations concernant les statistiques de vos trajets, (nombre de trains en retards, fréquence, délais moyen, etc...)

Voici une petite video de présentation du site:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Site is launched and available! No delays!

Belate.be is now live and not delayed ! You are now able to get your train delays automatically via http://www.belate.be

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Register ?

You want to register to save your settings and be able to create your own compensation form as well as have access to stats ? Follow this video:

How to check the delays ?

Watch this in order to see how easy you can get the list of delays from your usual trip!

Launch Scheduled for February 7th!

Big day ahead with the launch of the website on February 7th. Looking forward to it.
Everything has been checked but for sure we missed probably some stuff, so please be patient if everything is not working perfectly at the start.
Anyway, don't forget to register to the website and receive by email all the different delays and an update of your personal compensation counter !

Example of train delays from Andenne to Brussels-North since 10/12/2012....Can you believe you can already claim 106 € compensation ?