Percentage of trains on time for today (updated every 15 minutes based upon all trains of the day):

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Real January Stats

No compensation whatsoever for trains that are supposed to carry more passengers...(how would they do that anyway ? Seriously...)

Number of trains : 99411
Number of trains with at least 15 minutes delay: 6015
Pct of trains with delay (delays measured as from 5min+) : 30.5%
Pct of trains with no delay 69.5%

Pct of trains with delay (6min+ "Official definition") : 24.4% -> hence 75.6% "on time"

Average delay when train is delayed: 11.4 minutes

Number of trains with more than 60 minutes delay: 249

Hence these are what we measured.
Make your own mind..

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